About the Early Education Center

*Special Beginnings*-
Special Beginnings is a program for premature and high-risk infants and their families that provides educational developmental expertise through a supportive multi-disciplinary team. It is made possible by the collaboration of the Early Education Center, the Reno County Health Department and Hutchinson Regional Medical Center. 
Early intervention may be the key to overcoming what might otherwise be serious limitations. Services are provided at no cost to children and their families residing in Reno County. 

*Infant-Toddler Program*-
Parents participate in their child's developmental program and learn intervention techniques thanks to the infant/toddler program for children from birth to age three.
The child's family can see firsthand how teaching and therapy techniques can be incorporated into everything from routine household activities to playtime. Including the family in the child's program helps diminish some of the concerns experienced by parents of children with special needs. 

Interaction between children with special needs and children whose development and behavior is age appropriate is the key to the success of the Early Education Center's preschool.
A half-day preschool session offers activities for children from age three to five. It provides children with experiences and interactions that help them adapt more easily to the structured environment of an elementary school when they transition to kindergarten. Physical, occupational and speech/language therapy are incorporated into normal classroom activities. 
Children in preschool benefit from the creative positive learning environment. They also become more sensitive to the needs of others and learn to accept differences among all people.
Children who pass a developmental screening are eligible to attend the preschool program and pay tuition. The children identified with special needs are eligible for state-funded special education services. 

*Speech Services*-
The ability to communicate effectively enhances all aspects of a child's life. For children with mild speech delays, an out-patient speech and language program is available. It provides speech services to children from age three to five. Therapy is administered one-on-one with the child and a speech/language pathologist. 

*Community Services*-
Community services provided by staff from the Early Education Center reach eligible three to five year old children in their preschool or daycare setting throughout Reno County. Services offered include speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, visually impaired services, orientation mobility services and early childhood special education services. 
Community services staff members work closely with the staff at a child's preschool or daycare center to integrate the child's therapy into his/her daily routine. In addition to providing on-site services, the staff also offers free consultation to child-care providers who have children with special needs enrolled in their programs. 

*Developmental Screenings*-
Developmental screenings are offered for children from birth to age five who live in Reno County. This free service enables professionals to assess a child's general growth and development. The results of the screening may point out areas which need attention- from eyesight and hearing to communication skills.
A developmental screening will require approximately 45 minutes. The child will be screened in the following areas: hearing, vision, balance/coordination, health, speech/language, thinking/reasoning, and self-help/social.

Call for an appointment:
For children who are ages birth to 32 months, call 620-615-5863

For children who are ages 33 months to 5, call 620-615-5850
The Early Education Center is owned and operated by Hutchinson Public Schools USD 308 and is licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Interagency support from USD 308, the Reno County Education Cooperative and the Training and Evaluation Center of Hutchinson, Inc. allows the Early Education Center to provide an array of services for children from birth to age five in Reno County. 

In accordance with Federal Law and United States Department of Agriculture policy this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. 






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